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Using your browsers back button can interfere with your Online Booking journey, we recommend instead using the provided navigation to get around.
If you have booked an appointment you will be unable to double book via the back button.
  • Predefined Scenarios
  • New Patient at: Bury
  • Existing Patient at: Bury

Family Booking Is Enabled

I would like to be at the practice which has an ID or GUID of .
  • Notes for [Group Booking]
  • Timeout on Capture Details
  • Remove 'add adult/child' etc in patient details.
  • Add additional guidance to Define Group
  • Activation Page
  • Capture Patient Details Checklist (Yes/No)
  • Forgotten Password
  • Change Password
  • Book Appointment Response
  • Email On Account Created
  • Email On Book Appointment
  • Group Email On Account Created
  • Group Email On Book Appointment
  • Email On Person From Group Removal
  • Capture New Patients
  • Existing Patient Choose Group Appointment
  • Additional feedback on create users
  • Duplicate registrations calls
  • Populate Tooltips